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This library provides access to a curated set of publications authored by the MEALS4NCDs research team and from associated projects. The resources in this section are relevant to food environment research in Africa and other Low-and Middle-Income countries worldwide. This publication's library will be updated periodically with links to journal articles and other downloadable resources.


Implementation of healthy food environment policies to prevent nutrition-related non-communicable diseases in Ghana: National experts’ assessment of government action PDF

This journal article describes the methods, results, and recommended priority actions by National Experts from the Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI) study in Ghana. The study assessed government action, implementation gaps, and priorities to improve the food environment in Ghana.

Paper on Sciencedirect


Commercial food advertising on the campus of Ghana’s largest University PDF

Food advertising impacts food preference, purchase, and consumption. This paper explored the nature and extent of outdoor commercial food advertising on the main campus of Ghana’s largest university (University of Ghana). Of about 500 advertisements recorded, nearly 60% of them were unhealthy. This preponderance of unhealthy food advertising on the campus of Ghana’s largest university has public health implications.

The pilot study received support from the MEALS4NCDs Project.

Paper in WPHNA Journal


Healthiness of foods on promotional flyers of fast-food outlets located within Accra-based shopping malls PDF

Promotional flyers are one of many strategies usually deployed to influence purchasing behaviours. This journal article assessed the healthiness of foods advertised on promotional flyers of food outlets within shopping malls in Accra, Ghana. The data show that food outlets within the malls promote via flyers unhealthy food and beverages that are greatly  discounted.  This may influence  purchasing  behaviour  and consumption.

Paper in WPHNA Journal